William Regner (penumbrafox) wrote in squankygurps,
William Regner


Well, Sarah and I are back, along with Mary in tow. I realized very recently, that I do not have very much more time left here. Infact, I have anywhere from a week to two. Which means, we need to start stepping up things if we dare want to finish my little adventure. When does anyone want to game? And how far should we push it up to? I sorta talked to Mary, sorta as in just slightly, and she did show interest in being a fighter. The earliest I can be at school is the 18th. Which is out of the question for me, the latest, when school starts, is the 26th. Im thinking of going by train, which means I have to leave two days before I want to be there. But anyways... GAME GAME GAME!!!.

ps.. I hope everyone had a good time while we were gone. *waves*

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