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Introducting Carvel

carvel is in his early forties. He is the current leader figure of a small religious commune (I'm thinking from what is now Alberta or Saskatchewan, but I should probably do a bit more research) which raises sheep and trains dogs. His wife, Kelda, is the veterinarian for the commune's animals and they also have five children, Sosanna, Betka, Nikolais, Geofri, and Teresina . Sosanna is 21 and married, Betka is 19 and married, Nikolais is 18 and due to be wedded at the spring ceremony this year, Geofri is 16 and due to become an adult at the fall ceremony this year, and Teresina is 14. All of them are accompanying him, along with most of the commune. A few chose to stay back on Earth, so that new converts would have a place to go as they discovered the faith. His youngest brother, Tynko, is now leading those who have chosen to stay.

As the religious and unofficial political leader of his commune, Carvel has spent much of his life in the study of his faith. His position is a hereditary one, held by his father until his father's death and which his eldest son is already in training for. His father died a few years back when he was hit by a car while trying to rescue a sheep which had strayed, and Carvel is considered to be very young for his position. Previously opposed to leaving Earth, his father's death convinced him that his people needed to be on a new world with more space for their rustic lifestyle. Carvel is very devout in his faith, and has spent many hours studying the holy writings and the journals of former leaders.

Carvel loves animals and invites some of the family dogs to sleep inside at night, which is uncommon for working dogs such as they have. He is also often found talking to the dogs and sheep. As with other members of the commune, he wears mainly clothes made out of wool and woven by members of the commune, although he does not often have time to weave them himself. Although he has special robes for ceremonial occasions, he is normally seen in a simple sweater and pair of slacks. He wears his long blond hair in a braid down his back, and has a full beard which he trims when he remembers to, often using equipment meant to be used on the sheep.

So....Questions? Corrections? Comments?

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